Clint’s house brand Pasta Sauce

Clint’s premium branded barbecue sauce

Clint’s premium, award winning hot salsa

Offered Products

Pasta Sauce

Fresh Non GMO tomatoes, cream, fresh herbs and a hint of vodka that makes for a rich and truly unique flavor. Available in 4 flavors or your own recipe can be created.

Barbecue Sauce

We are dedicated to providing branded and private label BBQ sauce with top of the line ingredients and quality. Available in 4 flavors or your own recipe can be created.

Hot Salsa

Our hot salsa is a premium, award winning recipe. It has a heat but retains the great taste and available in 6 flavors. Your own recipe can also be developed.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact:

Judy Golightly • • (210)279-4630

Company History

For the past 25 years, we have produced Clint’s branded salsa and barbecue sauce to retailers all over the United States and Mexico.  

In early 2020, Clint Poulter, the company founder decided to make Clint’s products available for private store branding.

We offer our products in 12, 16, 18, & 24 oz. glass jars.

Our Facility

CPPB is SQF Global Certified.

CPPB Production is located in San Antonio, Texas and has 17,000 square feet with the capacity to produce 6-10,000 6-pack cases per day.

CPPB ships product all over the United States and Mexico via transportation companies or company pick-ups.


Pressure sensitive or paper, depending on QTY.

CPPB can work with customer supplied label and must adhere to all requirements set forth by the FDA.  Ingredients must be specified, print size, weight, nutritional information.  The label must also include the UPC Code.  If client requires assistance from CPPB on label design and production, an agreement must be signed before the work is performed.